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About AFB

Dedicated To You

AFB Floors is more than just a leading provider of flooring to the multifamily and builder industries. We’re your partner. Our emphasis on “Exceptional” and “Together” is no accident – it’s a testament to what we can achieve when we join forces.

Our Principles


We are guided by a distinct set of principles – our ICARE values.
These values drive our unwavering commitment to excellence and quality service in every decision and action we make.


Nothing happens by accident.


At AFB Floors, each decision we make, every piece of advice we give, and every product we stock are backed with purpose and intention. We're here to provide the perfect flooring solutions for your project.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, take people with you.


Our journey is not solitary, it's a shared expedition. We view every interaction not just as a transaction, but as a partnership. Our strength lies in the lasting relationships we've developed with our clients and team members- relationships that extend far beyond a single project or moment in time.


We're in the business of appreciation.


We appreciate our clients who trust us with their flooring needs, each other for our unique skills and contributions, and our vendor partners who contribute mightily to our success. Every project is an opportunity to express gratitude for the confidence placed in our hands and the relentless efforts of our team.


Every day starts with a renewed commitment to you.


We deliver on our promises, embodying a sense of responsibility that is visible in every product and service we provide. When you work with AFB, you can expect nothing less than absolute reliability.


Engagement is more than just showing up.


At AFB, it's about giving it our all, every day. Our clients expect the best, and our team is fully engaged in delivering on this expectation. We're not just participants in the flooring industry- we're contributors, always ready to provide our clients with the best possible experience.



These are the values that drive us at AFB Floors.

Hear Our Customers

Meet Our Team

Denny Thostrud

Denny has been with AFB since 1991 and is a Principal Shareholder. His responsibilities include AFB culture, strategy, corporate relationships, and finance. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for FloorExpo/ FEI Group, and was formerly on the National Board of Advisers for the Washington State University Carson College of Business.

Joseph McBride

Vice President Renovations
Joe has been with AFB since 2003, is a Principle Shareholder, and oversees our Renovation Sales and Project Management team. He has 25+ years experience in the flooring industry in commercial, multifamily and residential sales.

Mike Durham

Mike joined AFB in 2018, and is responsible for the daily operating activities of AFB Floors. Prior to joining our company, he was the National Director of Installations & Operations for a flooring and window covering company with 70 locations and over 1,600 installation subcontractors across the country. He is an avid golfer in his spare time.

Wendy Schutzler

Vice President- Multifamily Sales
Wendy has been with AFB since 2009 and runs our Multifamily Sales & Business Development Groups. Prior to joining AFB she founded a leading regional interior design firm. She is high energy, goal driven and prescribes to the development of people and their service to our industry.